Gallegos Family Pictures

These pictures may be a little slow to download over a modem.  I decided to preserve picture quality.
If it is a problem let me know and I can save lower resolution pictures.
If you have pictures you would like posted, send them to me.

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  Sandoval_Grandparents        141 Kb
  Cristoval_Army               177 Kb
  Cristoval_Garden             175 Kb    
  Florence                      30 Kb    
  Reunion Article_and_Poem      442 Kb
  Aunt_Cleotilde               127 Kb
  Aunt_Cleotilde_2             109 Kb
  Ricky_and_Philip             108 Kb    
  Ronnie                        78 Kb    
  Sandy                         88 Kb    
  Sandy_in_Truck               109 Kb