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Answers to Questions  
How Stuff Works  Excellent site
WebMD  Addresses many health issues
Edmunds  Car pricing and reviews. 
Kelley Blue Book  Car pricing. 
Family/Friend Pages  
Uncle Dave's Fly Fishing Club  
Uncle Chris' Slot Car Racing  
Restaurant where Heather works
Lots of Good Links  Links to manufacturers, magazines, clubs, etc. 
California Riding Areas  
California Vehicular Recreation Areas  
WR400/426 Owners Forum   
American Motorcyclist Association  
District 36 Motorcycle Competition  
Chaparral  Mail order.
Motorcycle Accessory Warehouse.  Mail order out of state (no sales tax).
TerraServer  Topo maps and Satellite images 
San Francisco Chronical  
San Jose Mercury  
The Sacramento Bee  
Real Estate Research   
School Performance Information  
Many Good Real Estate Resources  
Mortgage/Finance Information  
Shopping, Tools, etc..  
Harbor Freight Tools
HTML 4.01 Specification  
Microsoft Support Knowledge Base  
Travel Information   
Mapblast!Blastoff  Driving directions
Yahoo! Maps  Driving directions
TerraServer  Topo maps and Satellite images 
California Highway Conditions  
Etak Traffic : Bay Area  Shows accidents in the bay area
Yahoo Weather  
San Jose CA Weather Forecast  
San Francisco CA Weather Forecast